Caught some great shows last night! check out the review

Last night, May 18th, was a Music Mecca night in San Diego. Caught three bands I'd recommend to check out. Matthew Logan Vasquez at Casbah San Diego. MLV had quite the crowd for a midweek show and had em all by a string. telling stories and acting, at times like the inner animal would soon erupt. I was terribly entertained. Heading out on their west coast tour with Juanita Stein , Chad Lee of Creature and the woods will be playing drums for her. Catch em coming up the west coast. 

Mrs. Henry at the Belly Up was a mind bender! with solos that warped the very ground I stood on and moments of 'The WHO' like avail. Jody Bagley of Mrs. Henry and J.B. and the movers took me on a much needed stroll through a Chris Cornell Tribute moment after parading Charles Bradleys "Loving You Baby" around the belly up like a  koombaya mantra, Mrs.Henry delivers the feels. . Taken By Canadians takes you on a flat bed truck through the summertime fields of American earth at the Belly up. songs of old. by young kids from Oceanside. Ben Ambrosini of TBC is a doppelgänger to a 70's night club character in hollywoods warm and unforgiving underbelly. He reeks of Rock and Roll and forbidden romance. "Do You Believe me momma?"

 Get out to see all these bands soon.!😍