Our Story

Creature and the Woods are a harmonic brotherhood, dredging the grooves of Rock & Roll roots and American folk. After forming in 2014, Creature and the Woods quickly earned critical applause and regional attention with the purity of their heart-pounding live performances and the intensity of lead singer, Roger Molina’s storytelling. Balancing punk ethos with the melodic sensibility of a folk singing group, the quintet pulses with a country heart beat but grew up in the realms of hardcore and heavy music. Bashing mallet and drum, Creature and the Woods howl from inside the sage journey, inside the core of Americana, inexplicably carving new songs out of the bedrock of ancestral land.  

With the release of their debut album, Rise (2017), Creature and the Woods set the new vanguard of Southern California roots music. The eight song release moves between whisper and shout, and back again. 

Expanding their own melodic lore, Creature and the Woods recorded a follow-up E.P., J Tree, immersed in the light of the super moon over a handful of days in Joshua Tree National Park. J Tree finds the group navigating the metaphysics of their origin while hunting the uncharted sounds only found in overwhelming places. J Tree was released in May 2019.  In Spring of 2019 Creature released the 2 song 7" vinyl featuring 'candles' and  'sideways'. each of the two songs on the record have their own plains on which they exist. a subtler more melodic directive has them on their own release.  Creature looks to expand onto more and more touring in the summer and fall 2019.